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Dan Young

Mr. Cassey misses the point. I do not believe that dollars alone drive the "Buy Local" movement. It is the interest in living in a town (think small, like Pullman, Palouse, Colfax) where the town center is alive and well with businesses, not empty store fronts. Many people are now realizing that buying at the "Cheaper" Wallmart has bigger impact than just their pocket book, but impacts where they live and their community. Yes, cheaper does drive many family buying decisions, but I think we see that slowly changing. It is the local business person who lives next door and donates to the local school and knows your name. When they go out of business, not only does your downtown die, so does your neighborhood, your school, etc.

Look beyond the dollar, it is a desire to preserve our local community, quality of life, and knowing where your food and products come from.

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