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Geoff Pritchard

This story was incredibly misleading. These people didn't get out of a $36,000 debt in 9 months by having potlucks, eating chili and not buying lattes! That's ridiculous. By selling his pick up, which I assume he bought new, he probably more than halved his debt right there. Throw in selling the motorcycle and now you're looking at maybe $10,000 or 12,000 left to pay off, of which $5000 was still left as debt after 9 months. By the way, they are now $50,000 in debt with their new loan plus whatever they accrue in student loans as graduate students - not someone to take financial advice from or to listen to as a motivational speaker. They both need to get motivated and get a job! And Sueann Ramella needs to wake up and take of the rose colored glasses if she wants people to listen to her work.

Brian Fretwell

You are correct. The truck was 10,000, however, we did not sell the motorcycle (it was the remaining 5,000)so you are looking at 12,000 but mind you my wife and I shared a vehicle for an entire year. My wife and I both have jobs right now, and I did get my masters degree while working (and expect to do the same with PHD and wifes Masters) without accruing more loans.

My point was not to tell anyone what to do. Rather to let them know that they can do it once they "get motivated" by finding reasons they can believe in. You seem to have reasons that you believe in that allow you to be passionate about responding to you and I believe that leads you to have the ability to accomplish things in your life.

Perhaps you could add to the conversation by telling people how you think people can pay things down if you think that what I said in the interview was irrelivent. I think it is equally important to hear from those that have not gotten into debt as well.

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